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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by LaSalle, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. LaSalle


    What is up with the NQ quoted as +4 @ 1615.50 ?

    I have Friday's settlement @ 1615.5; making the NQ flat @ 1615.5.

    When and why was it "repriced" ?
  2. Truff


    I have it at 1611.50
  3. LaSalle


    @ 3 PM or 3:15 ? Thx,
  4. Quah



    Here is what I post every month when this question comes up....

    This question gets asked every single month - last day of the month.

    It's called end-of-month settlement. For EOM settlement, the settle price will typically be a point or more away from the actual closing price.

    See: http://www.cme.com/trading/prd/equity/fairvaluefaq2544.html
  5. LaSalle


    Great. Thanks.
  6. Quah


    No problem.

    See everyone next month! :)