NQ: Follow the trend.

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  1. Always in ; Trying to catch the next trend.

    Went long at the end of the day 1200

    Stop and reverse @1175
  2. Moving stop and revesrse to 1225
  3. Your thoughts for tomorrow? New highs to be expected? I am moving from ES to NQ for now due to smaller dollars per tick. Any and all thoughts appreciated.

  4. Don't have any idea. If it stays above my stop I'll stay in the trade if not I'll have a short trade to deal with.

    I just go where the market wants to go and hope to have one or two good trades a year.
  5. Moving stop and revesrse to 1255
  6. Order fill @ 1254.75
    Gain of 54.75 points
    Short 1 contract
    Stop and reverse @1287
  7. Move stop and reverse to 1242
  8. Bot @ 1242.25
    Gain of 12.50 points
    to Date + 67.25

    Stop and Reverse @1200
  9. veggen


    Are you allways in the market? Since it seems you allways write stop and reverse..

    Nice trading BTW!
  10. Yes always in.

    Yes I get whipsawed a lot.

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