NQ emini very slow lately??

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ddefina, May 20, 2002.

  1. ddefina


    I haven't traded the NQ emini long (1 1/2 months), but this last week it seems very hard to get an intraday trend going for more than 10 points before it reverses. Last Wednesday was great, but lately its been dead to me. Is it like this in the summer months, or is this an abberation? Managed 10 points today, but only because I quit after the first morning plunge. I would've churned it away had I stayed in.
  2. savage


    I averaged about $300/day on the NQ last week. Today I made $800 on one contract over about 12 trades.

  3. yEAH NQ is slower than last summer if I recall, lots of deep pullbacks in uptrends to shake you out.


    How long have you been trading eminis? how about you post those 12 trades you made today (with time stamps) ?
  4. ddefina


    Thanks for the replies. I tracked the NQ for the last 4 months intraday and traded it the last 6 weeks. Of the last 16 weeks, this last week has been the worst to me for intraday trading ranges (save last Wednesday), where the previous 15 weeks were consistently friendly. Maybe it's my trading style (10min-30min trades), but I'm hoping this doesn't represent summer trading. I plan on partially relying on this market to support me financially, but fear I need to create a new strategy for the summer months. :confused:
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    Just look at the margin for the S&P and the Nasdaq E-mini. I'd say the volatility in the NQ is low.
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    40pts out of a dead market... That pretty much makes you the Yoda of the NQ...

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    Well, I guess I should change my name to Yoda then!

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    How do you open your attachment.
    I clicked on your link, downloaded it
    and a gray window open's asking
    Open With.

    I like to see your link.
    thanks for your help or anyone else.
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    It is an Excel spreadsheet.

  10. nice trading (if it's real). Why are you only trading one contract?

    edit: looks like you just started. Look forward to seeing how it goes over the next few months. Keep it up!
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