NQ (E-mini Nasdaq 100 Futures) Journal

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  1. NQ (E-mini Nasdaq 100 Futures) Journal

    Started: Friday June 27, 2008

    Purpose: To discuss all things NQ (E-mini Nasdaq 100 Futures) related.

    Stock: QQQQ
    Index: NDX

    Key specs on the NQ:

    Trades on CME Globex

    1 tick = $5.00 USD

    1 point = $20.00 USD

    20 Day average range (high to low) = 48 points

    Average Daily Volume = 400,000 to 500,000 approx. contracts traded

    June 27, 2008 closing price: 1865.75

    Top 10 Nasdaq 100 Holdings as of June 27, 2008:

    Apple Inc. 13.13%
    QUALCOMM Inc. 5.77%
    Microsoft Corp. 5.51%
    Research In Motion Ltd. 4.97%
    Google Inc. (Cl A) 4.83%
    Cisco Systems Inc. 3.17%
    Gilead Sciences Inc. 3.03%
    Oracle Corp. 2.89%
    Intel Corp. 2.73%
    Comcast Corp. (Cl A) 1.71%

    The Plan: To daytrade 1-10 NQ contracts per day during regular trading hours...9:30AM-4:00PM New York Time

    YOUR NQ (EMINI NASDAQ 100 FUTURES) INPUT, INSIGHT AND EXPERTISE IS WANTED TO SHARE HERE...please share your thoughts and insight on anything NQ (emini Nasdaq 100 futures) related...
  2. I'm very much interested in this thread, since whenever I do start trading I plan to trade NQ exclusively.
  3. great...please add your thoughts...why do you like the NQ and plan to trade it exclusively?...thanks for sharing...
  4. amazing that the 5 day high was 1960.75 on 06/25/08 ...amazing...what a difference 2 days makes!!!!
  5. A couple reasons, none of which are set in stone. I plan to trade it exclusively b/c as far as daytrading goes, i'm not sure why anyone would want to trade 50 different securities...seems like a better idea to get to know one really well especially in futures when the profit and loss potential for just one day is so great. I chose the NQ over the other main index securities for a few reasons: I know the tech stocks better than I know any other sector. This probably won't matter on a daily bases, but i'm sure it will help. For example, I'm more familiar with Apple's fundamentals (margins, projections etc) than any other stock and if im convinced for some reason or another that they are going to blow out earnings I won't necessarily trade on that fact, but I wont have a short position that day either (Apple is the most heavily weighted in the NDX 100). Any edge helps. It also has the lowest margin requirements compared to the YM, ES, and whatever that russel one is called lol.
  6. awesome...I agree with you...my first real futures trade was the NQ...traded others since but I like the index as I think it trends better than YM, ES etc. and you can scale up in contracts traded as there is great volume...also...I am interested in the index (mostly tech weighted type stocks etc.)I feel it is best to totally FOCUS on one contract and become a 'master of one rather than dabbler in many'...hey please do add any websites or articles that are in line with NQ, Nasdaq 100 trading etc...thanks!
  7. Thanks for the links.
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