NQ Daily Threecast

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  1. I am out of trading algorithm development money, or this thread would be a fourcast. All studies are copywronged by Joe Doaks, the reveloper. Deproduction is encouraged without the cuntscent of the author.

    If you don't get it, it wasn't meant for you.

    Report&Desistence is not working (it rarely does, but I like it because it looks like it ought to work).

    The Ultindicator peaked below its hysterical high, suggesting absolutely nothing to the uninitiated.

    The Ultosculator has not quite reached hysterical highs, but it looks all puckered out to me.

    Volataility has eased off its hysterical highs, suggesting a return to abnormality.

    The red and green lines mean absolutely nothing at all. The thickness of the lines is meant to obscure the inaccuracy of the lack of predictive value.

    Liberace levels are not shown for clarity because it is difficult to show intraday libs on a doily chart.

    To no one in particular, I hope this will save us some PM bandwidth.

    (Footnote to ET ImModeration: it's an IQ test. Don't fail it.)
  2. At the time of this post, there are fourteen views of the attachment. Thirteen of you are cheating. Mind your own business.
  3. Proving that if you draw enough lines on your chart, price will eventually trip over one of them. No peeking!