NQ Chart from Today - not normal

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by macattack, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Why was NQ, and I'm assuming the other indexes. so much different today than normal?

    Very low volume, no shakeouts or stop running. Just a very slow, steady, uptrend. All of the pivots that formed during the day were never violated, not even one of them.

    Where do all the traders go all of a sudden?
    Anybody know why this happens?

    I'm trying to get a handle on who the big NQ traders are and why
    they do what they do.

  2. Roark


    It looks like to me there were a couple of head fakes, especially towards the beginning of the session. I guess you killed it and stayed long the whole day?
  3. Roark


    The problem with this thread is that it's a question about trading rather than a fantasy about trading. For example, if the question was "what would be the best island to trade from if you could actually eke out a consistent profit from trading," there would be all kinds of responses. But a question about actual trading? It dies an early death. Time for me to move on.....
  4. Look for your answer in what NQ did relative to ES.
  5. low volume? never short a dull market.
  6. jd7419


    Why are you assuming nq players are any different than es players? All these guys are one and the same, they run their algos on all liquid markets.
  7. Just checked out an ES chart.

    It's a much clearer picture.
    Uptrend in the morning, then 2 rectangles formed for about 3 hours, with very clear supt & resist.

    There were some nice little pokes below the supt lines to trap some traders which is what I'm used to seeing.

    If I would've had the ES chart up all day, then the NQ would've made more sense to me.

    Still I wonder why does the market get so quiet & dull all of a sudden. Where does everyone disappear to?
  8. porn booths on 42nd st.