NQ below ES?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Aaron, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. Aaron


    Do you think the NQU2 (currently 1002.50) will drop below the ESU2 (currently 969.75) this month?
  2. nqtrader


    I think we will see NQ at 800 this year...
  3. considering how much the difference was at the peak 5000 to approx 1500(if I remember correctly), it looks like odds darn strong at this point that nq at least trades below es for a period of time...I just want to see the moment that both are trading at the EXACT same price...that should be a truly bizarre moment in history
  4. FAIK we may do it this week. One more down day on the previous cycle that extended to NQ 981.5 and ES 950.5 and we probably would have been there. The new limits of 50 on ES and 55 on NQ are interesting. NQ was within rounding margin of having a 50 pt limit for this quarter. NQ near the end of the day today was -55pts though I believe limits were off at that time.

    And yes Vulture, when they cross as ships passing in the night, it will be very strange. The quotes are so close now that I'm already starting to mix them up.
  5. Pabst


    LOL.Me too!
  6. Aaron


    Congratulations to the 4 other people besides me who voted "no". Not only did the NQ not cross below the ES, but the spread (NQ over ES) actually widened a bit. I wonder if the Nasdaq will continue its outperformance.

    Did or does anyone trade the NQ/ES spread? I'd be interested to hear about your experiences.