NQ and ES... question???

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  1. can anyone tell me how I may pull these charts up. The E-mini S&P futures (ES), and the E-mini Nasdaq 100 futures (NQ).

    I need a live chart with out delay. can I do this through Ameritrade?

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. i don't know of any free live charts on it, the closest thing that should work is to notate the futures premium to the cash index and watch the live cash index. It's a dirty free chart, but it's free!
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    No Ameritrade is a bad broker for traders. You are a retiree.
  4. What is a good Broker... IB?

    Anyone else tell me how to pull up these charts live?
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    AFAIK, Ameritrade does not provide for futures trading, therefore no futures charts.
    In relation to a good broker, IB is the obvious choice for active retail traders. They provide live ES, NQ charts, etc, although everyone agrees they (the charts) are awful. Solution is to use IB data with QuoteTracker charts. QT is free, charts are great.
    Good luck.
  6. I'm using Quote tracker now... but don't have an IB account. Is there anyway to access these charts through Quotetracker?
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    Yes, you can access them through QT but you will have to pay for a real-time data feed from the likes of esignal or iqfeed (I think iqfeed have special rates for QT customers).

    On another note, I saw on another thread that you are in process of going full-time with trading. If that is the case, you really need to get out of Ameritrade and join with a direct access broker like IB. Ameritrade is fine for swing trades but not day trades. IB executions and commissions would make huge difference to your bottom line.
  8. spy, dia, iwm
  9. Thanks... anyone else?
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    The only free futures datafeed that I'm aware of is from OpenTick, although it is not compatible with QuoteTracker. It is compatible with Sierra Charts, which seems to be the cheapest platform after QT (prices start from $8 a month).

    I'm curious as to why you want to access futures charts when your broker does not offer futures trading?
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