Now with Musharaf ousted in Pakistan..

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  1. Great foreign policy.

    Now Bin Laden and his crew have full access to Pakistan .. Nuclear bombs.. regime over there that doesn't like the US and praises Bin Laden and what al queda stands for... ultimate terrorist breeding ground.

    Good job George !

    What all these wars started for... we have now officially achieved nothing and lost the ally that was keeping that part of the world in order Parviz Musharaf.

    The terrorists will officially have nukes now!

    Fucking this administration needs to stand trial .. one by one!
  2. Wow...
    Just as I was writing this...

    Deadly blast hits Marriott Hotel in Pakistan
    A car bomb detonated Saturday night in the heart of Islamabad, killing at least 34 people, police said, and shattering windows more than two miles away. At least 200 people were injured in the attack on the Marriott, a Western brand-name hotel in Pakistan's capital, police said.

    This is just the start... the US embassy will either need to evacuate asap or they will burn it to the ground like savages !

  3. Question for ya.

    If your a sovereign nation being bullied by US officials and now being invaded by US Troops.

    What would you do?
  4. I hear ya...

    My worry is the fact that the terrorists will have nukes and other wmds since pakistan is fully armed.

    What the hell do we do about that now?

    I'll bet that the reason why George W hasn't been around much during this financial meltdown ..

    Is because him and his army people are sitting at their offices trying to figure this out ... Not sure why media isn't paying much attention to this.. but this is a HUGE event that threatens this country directly..
  5. Simon, the Pakistani army is more than equipped to protect it's nuclear weapons from terrorists; with or without Musharraf. The current ruling party has almost zero affect on the Pakistani military.

  6. My point is the Pakistani army will be the terrorists.

    Musharaf was the only one keeping them in check .. !
  7. toc


    Pak terrorism is the creation of the US face the monster that you enslaved and enjoyed in your saddistic games.

    Evilness comes back to hurt...............only ten times or more!!!!!!!!