Now why is the fed cutting rates?????

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  1. I can't seem to find a reason why rate cuts are necessary. I thought they were used during market declines, and to control inflation, which by the way is starting to take root.
  2. They need to avoid looking as if they are just giving wall street what it wants. No other major central bank is cutting, if anything they are poised to raise.
  3. It's easy
    Have you seen any movies where people were sent to jail?
    If they wanted others not to touch their asses they had to do something even though it was stupid or even dangerous. Like steeleing somethin from the guards

    The same with Bernanke. Goldman says - if you don't cut we will put something into yur ass. And they don't joke. Bernanke doesn't think if it's good for economy or not. He just wants to save his ass

    I think everybody would cut to save his ass from Goldman
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  5. makloda we all know you think

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    Create your own big thread about Bush/Bernanke/ Paulson honest people, no inflation, rate cut needed,
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  7. LOL
  8. The Fed is there FOR YOUR GOOD!

    Since it's inception it has kept the economy on an even keel with no outrageous booms or busts!

    What more proof does anyone need about how necessary it is to have the Fed?

    Because NO ONE profits from wild gyrations in the economy, ESPECIALLY the banks of the FED!!
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