Now what ? Trading the test of time.

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  1. A lot of what you read about what happens to day traders is true.
    (There's also a load of crap, but that's another thread.)

    From the undercapitalized trader failing trying to trade with scared money,

    to not following the rules of a profitable trading methodolgy/system (emotions get in the way)

    to patience being the ultimate virtue


    What about the cliche about a methodology/system needing to change with the market - the methodology/system won't last forever ?

    Being that I am going on 6 months of profitable day trading (finally after 1.5 year of losses/breakeven) this question is of course in my head now.

    Being that you also hear that trading is boring, I will assume that this is because you follow your rules and trade a routine day after day, week after week, year after year ? I think this is because a method/system is a method/system that works year after year.

    So, what experiences are out there with using the same method/system for years or finding a method/system that only worked for a stint ?
  2. OK, great !
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    This "overwhelming" response to your post indicates only one thing: We have discussed this issue 10000000000 times, there are 500000000000000 threads on ET answering your question in 100000000000000000000000000 ways . Please do the search and ask some specific question.
  4. Humor me.

    If you were in the position of just becoming profitable and were looking out for the next obstacle to overcome, what would your experience tell you ?

    I did searches and this is a hard subject to search without getting 89 pages of search hits..... "test of time"....." doesn't work any longer", etc.

    Or do you have a link ?

    THANKS !
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    ..what this 'overwhelming' response is saying:

    99% of ET posters are trying to become profitable. that is more likely the reason for your frustration....