Now we'll read those PPT threads again!

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  1. What a last hour short squeeze!
  2. not PPT, it is about banks announcing a bailout deal for AMBAC
  3. Its just a rumour.
  4. Rumor can't possibly move that many millions of shares in last 1/2 hr. Only pre determined buy programs do.
  5. You can't honestly believe that. The market gapped within seconds of Gasparino's bailout comments.
  6. Yeah, thanks for starting one, jagoff

  7. They came out and said they're going to work through the weekend to wrap it up and they expect the plan to be agreed upon by Tuesday or Wednesday. How's that a rumor?
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    It is a rumor because they = Charlie Gasparino.
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    One more thing, what happened with Gasparino's breaking news that JPM was in talks to merge with WaMu? I haven't heard a word about it since but the timing of it was also questionable.
  10. I feel the same; it just likes that they suddenly found the cash on Friday afternoon.

    Have a good weekend.:)
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