Now We Really Bottomed !!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stockrock1, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. Please don't tell me this is a buy signal. I lived through this 2 years ago, and all that happend was the guys that lost millions (my customers) put there last pennies in and lost them too.

    Is there still any doubt as to the trend of the market ?

    By the way, MArket is hitting lows as I write this.
  2. trade what you see.

    not what people tell you.

    not what you think is going to happen.

    you'll be happier.
  3. This market will be a bottom when the following things happen:

    1. Israel/Palestinian conflict subsides

    2. Threats of terrorism on American soil subside

    3. Renewed consumer faith in corporations

    4. Return to profitability for corporations

    This is quite a tall order!

    Until the above conditions occur, there IS no bottom. Just slow, downward death...

    "He who picks bottoms ends up with smelly fingers."

    Ancient Chinese Trading Proverb
  4. The quotes you guys gave are the best market indicators I've seen on here. :) :) :)
  5. S&P will hit 700 earlier or later.
  6. i predict with confidence that the market will bottom shortly after it stops going down.
  7. Bono


    Ohhhh ...... Thank God ........ I thought there's another genius calling another bottom here :)

    Oh well, we'll bottom when negative trendlines get broken, and the market starts making higher peaks and higher troughs ....

    Good Trading !
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    Yes, I agree with this. I also am confident that the market will continue to fluctuate.
  9. Let us not confuse a bottom with a rally. Bottoms just mean the sellers are on vacation in a bear market.
  10. The market is focused on stocks that suck. That includes wireless stocks, especially today. There's plenty that don't suck.

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