Now we know where Cheney will retire to...

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    Halliburton Moves Headquarters To Dubai

    Associated Press | JIM KRANE | Posted March 11, 2007 01:28 PM

    Oil services giant Halliburton Co. will soon shift its corporate headquarters from Houston to the Mideast financial powerhouse of Dubai, chief executive Dave Lesar announced Sunday.

    "Halliburton is opening its corporate headquarters in Dubai while maintaining a corporate office in Houston," spokeswoman Cathy Mann said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "The chairman, president and CEO will office from and be based in Dubai to run the company from the UAE."
  2. Shows who his true masters are... :D
  3. I hear they have a fantastic tax environment .

    Really nice boat shows, too.
  4. I love these politicians who want to torture these companies, but then they scream bloody murder when the companies refuse to play victim. Dubai is a fantastic place to live and run a company. Money goes where it's treated best. I don't blame HAL a bit and in fact give them a lot of credit.

    They obviously saw that Democrats were planning on demonizing them for the Cheny attachment and had enough. The tobacco companies would have been smart to do the same thing 30 years ago.
  5. Oh yes, corporate America is very patriotic, nearly as much as those who support those corporations who put their own greed above national interests...

  6. jem


    AAA while I usually appreciate your comments - I have to disagree with the end result.

    If you are going to suck the life blood out of country like Hal has done to the U.S. - then you better be smart enough to do it in a appropriate non illegal manner.

    Frankly, I think Hal got their business in a backhanded manner and they should have been smart enough and not greedy enough to cover their asses.

    I hope the dems take billion dollar chunks out of each executives hide. (assuming they are found to have operated in a corrupt fashion.) And I hope Soros loses money on his 1.9 million share investment.

    By the way does Soros still hate the Bushes or is he their new best friend and future Carlyle (sp) buddy.
  7. I heard that Halliburton was now owned by George Soros and . . . or at least they had just purchased a majority share?
  8. I'm not advocating companies breaking the law, but I don't see how halliburton is doing anything wrong. The democrats are basically saying if they want to demonize a company, they are not allowed to go offshore. What is next? Capital controls, so investors can't move funds to other markets?

    If people decided to move from a dysfunctional city run by corrupt bosses, it would sound absurd to hear the bosses criticizing them for leaving. Similarly, if successful companies suddenly want to leave the US, we shouldn't criticize them. We should find out why they want to leave however and change it.
  9. I'm sure it has a lot to do with Hillary running around saying if she is elected she will hit them with a windfall profits tax to fund her alternative energy plan.

    If I were Halliburton I would leave too.