Now We have Swine Flu

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    The hysteria never stops does it. Remember 2 or 3 years ago when Bird Flu was going to come and kill a couple hundred million people. Before that SARS was supposed to kill a couple hundred million people. Then before that, they said AIDS was going to mutant into a airborn virus and kill everybody. We also had ebola killing everybody. There are countless other examples.
  2. Better safe than sorry. You seem to forget what happened with the bubonic plague as well as Spanish flu...
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    Perpetrated onto the world by the evil Bush administration before leaving office no doubt.

    Personally I'm hoping for a donkey (ass) flu strain - to kill off all the democraps.
  4. Didn't I tell you guys?? Pork is bad for you.:D
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    The Bush presidency acted on the bird flu fears. The knowledge surfaced that the Spanish Influenza of 1918 was misnomered. It had started in hog farms in Iowa. The secrecy of WWI kept it out of the papers here in the US but when it got to Spain it got published there and then it was called the Spanish Influenza.

    I used to work in medical research, we used pigs for lots of projects because their physiology is close to humans. We made heart valves out of pig valves for example, there was less immune reaction and the action was like the human valves. That physiological closeness allows a virus to mutate in pigs and cross over to humans. The fear was that the bird flu would cross to pigs and cross to humans as it did in 1918. So the Bush presidency took action via the CDC and instituted handling procedures for workers that could handle both birds and pigs.

    I'm sure the incredibly proactive Mexican [don't tell me that country is not barbaric, I've been there, seen it, lived it, it's a nightmare] government took action as well and instituted those same policies... NOT...
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    I do believe that the Biblical injunction against pork was not so much about eating it as it was raising pigs... I feel stupid eating bacon, I don't raise pigs so I'm not part of the problem directly but in eating it I'm encouraging people to raise pigs...
  7. Swine Flu Kills Humans
    Most prone to the disease are those between 25 and 45 years old

    Swine influenza crossed from pigs to humans, world news agencies alarmed. The new strain has affected over a thousand people in Mexico and has taken the lives of 70 of them. Humans with swine flu have been registered in the USA as well. "The virus has not reached Europe," said Dr Angel Kunchev, head of Control of Contagious Diseases Dept. with the Bulgarian Health Ministry
    The new strain is a unique mixture of DNAs of pigs, humans and birds viruses and is airborne. Experts are worried that most of the infected people have not been in contact with pigs, which comes to say that the infection is passed from human to human. The most affected are those between 25 and 45 years old, Dr Kunchev said.
    The World Health Organization convenes an emergency unit in Geneva. The WHO General Director, Margaret Chan interrupted her visit to the USA yesterday to chair the sitting personally.
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    Wow, I have Little Mexico only a couple of miles away here in So. Calif... Mexicans ARE the restaurant industry, at least in the kitchens... I have to forego restaurants for awhile, I hate cooking, and wifey.. well we're happier when she doesn't cook, we don't tell her that of course but.... it's going to be a tough couple of months I suppose... that thing, at least in Mexico, has a pretty good kill rate, 7 per 100, that would be 20 million people in the US if everybody was exposed...
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    This is a perfect opportunity to shut down and severely limit entrance on the boarders between Mexico and US.

    The current administration needs to act quickly, regardless of the outcome, protecting the citizenship is the 1st priority.

    Will they do it, or keep unlimited access as it is now?
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    Since it's just a joke, why don't you go volunteer to work with the infected, maybe change their bedpans or clean up after them.

    70 people are dead because of this new flu, it's nothing to joke about or take lightly
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