Now we get to Bitch about Obama for 4 years!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FortuneTeller, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Instead of the relentless left-wing liberal crap spouting hate about Bush and then McCain, we good conserative right-wing upstanding Republicans get to bitch about Obama for the nest four years! Soak it all in all you left-wing liberals! Ha Ha!
  2. Obama will fall greatly short of his expectations.

    There will be no change anyone can believe in except wealth distribution and socialism. What a wasted election. There will probably be another terrorist attack and catastrophic unrest in the middle east, Russia, and N Korea.

    Republicans need Palin in 2012.
  3. Why do you wish so many bad things about your President?
    Don't you want to see America being a prosperous place?
    Do you hate your President's skin color so much that you'd rather see your country down and poor instead of going forward?

    What type of mentality is that?
  4. the press obviously loves this guy. he is going to get a free ride until he seriously screws something up (as all presidents do eventually).

    i bet you hear very little "bitching" about BO from the press for quite some time.

    From conservatives on the other hand, it has already started. I bet you'll need to make that 8 years however. BO is entering right at (or near) the lows in the markets, and can blame poor econ performance for the next 2 yrs on the republicans. Conditions are VERY likely to be better in 4 years than now, no matter what is done. Great timing on BO's part. not nearly as brilliant as Clinton's timing though. Entered office just as the tech boom started so he was able to claim great prosperity. Timing is everything in politics.
  5. Do you really think winning these elections were easy for him to win with his skin color?

    Do you really think he and his team didn't have to work hard to explain why he was the better candidate?

    Come on: had he been blond hair blue eyed, he would have won far more easily.
    Give the man credit : he was the best candidate.

  6. Here we go. Saying anything negative about socialism, Democrats, etc, will result in being considered racist because how could anyone not agree to forced ideology.
  7. You have to be realist: people in the world study America and its history.
    Sorry to let you know about it, part of it means looking to how America treats part of its own citizens, i.e. your black ones. And yes it is ugly and yes, we know that you have a lot of racism.
    That's why we are really astonished you elected this guy as president.
  8. Yes it was. He just had to keep a low smooth profile. the media never vetted him like they did Palin.
    The dems put him on a fasttrack to the whitehouse. Something the Republicans seem unable to do with their real good politicians.Instead we keep getting people like Bob Dole and John McCain. Bush was an abnomoly
    He will have smooth sailing from the mainstream press unless he royally screws up, which I doubt he will do.