Now we flop for the rest of the day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Get ready for 4 hours of flopping in a 0.20% range. Call it a week don't bore yourself with this, you will give back your gains.
  2. Co-sign, market is going to head little down.
  3. Did you not read my call here on ET and on my blog? That was a short covering (ferocious to spit out the late bears). Now they are out, rest of friday should be played by shorting the rallies. Top of day is behind us.
  4. Can't say that I have, All I do is scan the main page of ET and rarely read anything here anymore.
  5. My indicator, RSI, (for what it's worth) is highly overbought so I agree that the top is most likely in for the day.

    I don't think the low for the day has been made.
  6. Unfortunately my friend, its worth is quite minimal, lol
  7. it's called friday in june
  8. No It's called Friday the 13th. :D
  9. Get ready for the market not being interested in the various, useless prognostications. It will do what it will do. It does not feel obligated to listen to ET denizens
  10. The RSI works much better on Range Bar charts than it does on Time-based charts. Of course, it will still stay Overbought or Oversold for a long time in trending markets.
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