Now Today Was A Good Trading Day!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Momento, Feb 13, 2003.

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  2. y, it was awesome, today is the day you wait for when you sit on ur ass and watch nothing for a few days....but it sucks when you get "screwed" like i went long, even doubled my size, and my stock only went up 20 cents from beginning to end of the rally, when a lot of stocks moved half point or more....shoulda woulda coulda made more...but cant complain
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    hey Ron,
    I just got your name!!
    QUITE funny :D

    Glad you had a great day too.

    Hope these days continue!
    17 ticks a day on the ES!
  4. Yep...Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday had no Key Economic Reports between 0830am - 10am est to stir things up a bit after the Open of 0930am est.

    Although yesterday did very nicely on its on with at least 2 nice uptrends and 2 nice downtrends all before 1030am est.

    Therefore, I was more impressive with yesterdays (Weds) morning performance than today's morning performance.'s late afternoon rally was what was needed to shake things up out of the usual chop we've seen in the late afternoon on Tues, Weds (Mon afternoon had that nice Spike & Ledge pattern...infamous for causing traders trouble)...

    not boring at all :cool:


  5. im happy to see someone "get" my name, i was going to be a play on cunsuelo, but didnt think it would go over so well...
  6. Yes it was a nice day. Some days I'm the windshield and some days I'm the bug. Was mostly windshield today....but dozed off during the d-zone and slept through most of the squeeze. :)
  7. It wouldn't happen to be UPS?
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  9. no, but i take you feel "screwed" too
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    everyday should be like today... today was a text book "good trading day"
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