Now to Kill Xbox 360 of microsoft

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  1. High Quality Video Games on Blu-ray

    Now Xbox 360 only supports regular DVDs

    Maybe a Blu-ray addon in the future

    But after Blu-ray games come out who's gonna buy a Xbox 360 and a Blu-ray addon, like WTF

    Microsoft is trying to promote Digital Download instead of High Quality DVDs, but agian; WTF, only morons sit and wait 5 hours till a 30GB HD Video is downloaded, and if they are gonna waste so many hours waiting for a download to complete, they'll just go with downloading it from torrents instead of paying for it, plus USA doesn't have the internet development to support everyone going HD dowloads, where are all the nation-wide fiberoptic connections

    Zune (vs ipod) was a waste of money, their plans to get silverplayer in place of flashplayer on browsers was another stupid attempt, and so many other wasted tries

    I just want to see the last day of microsoft when Google gives out an open-source OS for free

    Microsoft will fail in the long-run because it only thinks about controlling the market, domination and control

    Plus what's it with these news coming out every once in a while about mircosoft working with the nsa
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    My calendar read feb 26th, but yours must read april 1st.
    This is a joke right. Do you think google does NOT wish to dominate? google apps blow donkey balls, and they always will. a google os is comical.
  3. that part was only a wish not a reality, I don't think google has any plans for that, not as far I know

    but yes google does think about domination maybe more than microsoft, but on the other hand microsoft deserves a big loss, i just think they have a crappy way of working with the money they have in hand, they can spend it on building a better OS, vista is just XP with Mac like graphics, like WTF, as if the main problem with XP was the graphics
  4. ok... (yawn). ps3 is a great game console with no must have games not available also on Xbox 360 and has a weak online network. Xbox 360 has several exclusive titles and with more on the way... Also they have a fanatical gaming community with a much more mature online network. I am not a Microsoft fan vs Sony but that's the way I see the high-end gaming market right now.

    I agree Zune is stupid but Microsoft has so far done a good job in keeping Xbox 360 relevant. Also, the HD movies do not take that long to download if you have a fast connection and you can start playing once a portion has queued so you don't have to wait for the whole thing to download. HD-DVD is a non-issue for gamers and by the time PS3 has blu-ray games Microsoft will be rolling out XBOX 720! Just my thoughts :).
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    Google apps need to get out of the IE7 browser, get away from Micorsoft and build everything from the ground up. I use their docs for unimportant stuff like journals, you can't really do much with them at all... big pain in the ass to use and limited functionality but they are always there when you want them and you don't have to back them up, google does all that for you... and I guees it doesn't even matter you OS....
  6. By the time Sony caught out. MS will release a much better system. They could put in a much bigger HDD, say 500gb or 1TB, and have all contents download from a center server.

    Zune is pretty bad, but the xbox was as bad too. Look how well the 360 are doing now. They basically own the consol online gaming. One thing OP over look is MSFT has too much cash to burn. Turn a billion here or there means nothing to them.
  7. ya I've heard of Xbox 720, but imo by the time they start those, sony has already sold exclusive HQ Blu-ray games, at least I hope so, we'll see how it goes, maybe by 2012 it will become clear who is winning

    i did a google on their sells numbers, , PS3 8.83M vs Xbox 360 7.3M in 2007

    now we're gonna see a greater gap in 2008 sales
  8. yes you are right, online apps are OS independent, but still the problem with other OSs not being able to defeat Windows is that there is no 'large corporation' & government support behind it, now if a corporation like google builds a linux distribution, with everything set right, it will at least create a big competition, something like firefox vs ie, specially if it can add a feature where users can also install windows applications on it
  9. I agree it will be a pretty big battle for a few years. I just wouldn't count out Microsoft in the long run is all. Sony went to the mat on PS3 and Blu-Ray so we'll see if it pays off. So far PS3 has been underwhelming but Blu-Ray is pretty cool. I will probably get a high-end Blu-Ray player this year but there is no reason to buy a PS3 for games if you already own Xbox 360. Also, you need to understand that the Blu-Ray player in PS3 is entry level at best. You get what you pay for.
  10. As opposed to?

    ........[cricket sounds]...........

    Xbox 360 is being left in the background behind PS3 and the Wii. If you want to buy a game system, you either go Wii for innovation and the most exclusive titles or PS3 for the high end hardware which is still untapped.

    Xbox 360, on the other hand, is forced to release hardware add-ons because they can't keep up.

    Most of the top games are going multi-platform. Looks like no game system can hold on exclusive titles unless they are first party developers. Seems like the real competition comes down to innovation and the hardware. Slowly, these game systems are starting to transform the entertainment system of homes, which is what both Microsoft and Sony want to dominate. The Wii took a different route and has been the most successful.
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