Now this is burning my ass

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  1. I gather your wife is part of the union. She was told by management she could not cross the line? Is the management union too?
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    When management tells employees they can not come in to work it is called a lockout, and it's legal. Are you sure they didn't tell her to avoid coming to work for safety reasons? If so, she can go on it to work.
  3. why not just pick up the family and move to wisconsin? its only up the road. :cool:
  4. She is in one of the unions there. They have multiple unions on the site. No, she is not in management. I just talked with her briefly. Her union is voting tonight. The SEIU already rejected the proposal they were offered. I still don't know all the details of why she was told she couldn't work. Whether it's a lock out, which seems unlikely, or the hospital just doesn't want the potential for violence on the picket line, I don't know.
    I'll get more details when she comes home this evening.
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    Capt. Sorry to hear this.
  6. Teamsters accepted the contract by 46 votes. Pretty close considering number working there. Don't ask me how the hell the Teamsters ever got involved with administrative workers in a hospital.
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    Organized crime has long tentacles.