Now this is a scandal worth investigating

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  1. Nothing wrong with profitting on the war if you are a democrat.
  2. She is not a democrat! She is a radical left socialist posing as a democrat. As a real democrat I am compelled to expose the radical leftists that have hi-jacked my party. I will not relent!!
  3. You're not a democrat. You never pass on an opportunity to attack democrats. You're a real loser.

    Her ethics aside, "Feinstein is generally regarded as a moderate in the Senate. Because of her record of compromising with Republicans, Feinstein is distrusted by some on the political left. She is often labeled unfavorably by them as pro-business, as she has voted for most lawsuit reform measures and was a co-sponsor of the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. She voted for the first tax cuts in 2001 and also for the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act in 2003. Both positions were unpopular with many in her own party."

    If these positions are "far left" to you, then you're a real wingnut right.
  4. LOL! Hello Lefty! Shine the light and out come the cockroaches. "Her ethics aside" are the most telling 3 words of your post. Ethics, indeed. No need for those if you're a radical leftist.
  5. All politicians are dirty. You were not attacking her because of her ethics. You were attacking her because of her political views. I'm simply exposing you as a liar. "Ethics" was simply a convenient excuse for you to attack people. I have not seen a single post of yours exposing unethical behavior of republicans. Don't tell me ethics doesn't matter for republicans.

    What does this have anything to do with ethics? You're a liar and a loser.
  6. Once again I have exposed you for what you really are...a lap dog for the radical left. Your response is always the same, you attack me while unable to defend the position of the radical leftist I have exposed. In this case it's commrade Feinstein. You lose again!
  7. Bottom line here: Senator Feinstein gets a complete pass, because according to this winner (above) - "all politicians are dirty"
  8. Nobody gets a pass. Bottom line: Fake Captain is a liar and a wingnut. The loser is in the same pants as Nick Leeson Jr, a certified wingnut.
  9. Sometimes people don't respond to your attacks not because they're unable to respond, loser. Your attacks are too trivial and senseless.

    You retract this:
    then you may have a valid point. Otherwise this simply exposes yourself as a republican tool.
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