Now this: Gallup Poll says Most Americas DIS-Approve of Spying...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by achilles28, Jun 12, 2013.

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    My guess is that they were afraid of Holder.
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    I think what really pisses people off is that this collecting of email, internet searches and phone call meta data was being done in secret.

    The argument that the terrorists need to be kept in the dark is nonsense. If anyone is aware of what the CIA and NSA are collecting it's terrorists. And, the public knowing that all communications are monitored would not harm the search for terrorist communications.

    Once we are past the secret nature of this invasion of privacy then we can have a public debate as to whether we want it or not.

    But the secret nature and the potential for abuse without the public ever knowing is too high to let this 'spying' on us continue.

    And, Obama's response to every scandal that breaks is, fire no one, accept no resignations and proceed as if nothing ever happened. Don't talk about it and don't provide any information. Sweep it under the rug and keep business as usual.
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    Actually, some have been promoted.