Now The Islamists Are Calling For "Intifada"

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    Islamists have more words that call for mass murder and war than even the military.

    Pro- and anti-Morsi factions staged competing rallies in Cairo, with those who supported last week's military intervention attacking US President Barack Obama for his alleged support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Mr Morsi's supporters marched on the defence ministry and the Republican Guard headquarters promising to free the former president from detention. But they failed to bring enough people on the streets to pose a threat either to the army or to the dominant anti-Morsi cause in the capital.

    "We will continue our peaceful demonstrations," Ahmed Aref, the senior Brotherhood spokesman, told The Daily Telegraph. "We are the owners of a just cause. Legitimate rights do not disappear with time. We are facing an enforced disappearance of the legitimate president."

    But there were more dramatic calls for resistance from militant groups.

    Salafi Jihad issued a call to "intifada", a "clarion call for Islamic revolution".

    "Anyone who knows an advocate or a sheikh or a revolutionary should call him to urge him to mobilize," a statement said.