Now that we've broken through 01 lows...

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  1. ...and are currently sitting at around 7190, what is the next technical stop if we breach 7000 this week?

    Anyone care to share a chart with their analysis?

    * Spooz may close at 12 year low here today...the pain machine has cometh.
  2. ?....round-multiples of 500 and 1000? :confused:
  3. TGregg


    Zero. :p
  4. Well, you could come up with one of thos fancy Elliot-Wave charts, that would include decimals...
  5. The best thing about elliot is that hes dead
  6. Elliot's dead!!!?????!!!! my gawd. Why was i the last to know//??

    6500 is around a 50% retrace from the 33 low.

    6300 is EW measurement fifth wave.

    5600 is, I believe 62% retrace. 4400 is another number. And then, there's 3300. what 's the difference which one we think it is? And, doesn't much matter. 5600 will shake the populace to it's core. Hey, I'm expecting this, and it's messing me up.

    One thing, though. I'm getting numb. We must be getting near a bottom. Not that i can think of a reason, I'm just thinking there can't be much more. O'bama has Got to say something smart eventually. I'm thinking "I fired Geithner" would be worth 1500 dow points.
  7. '97 levels, boyyyzzz....