Now that we our out of the recession....

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  1. It looks like the markets believe we our out of the recession, so now the market will correct. My guess is that we will drop of 200 points by end of the day.

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    It doesn't matter how far it will drop, it will DROP, anyone who actually believes that we are out of the recession yet is lying to themselves because we are still in debt.
  3. The recession has only showed its lighter side, so far.

    There are no jobs being created; only lost, still. IN FACT, job losses are starting to re-accelerate, again.

    Wait until we all get a load of 2010 and 2011.

    The mental midgets at the fed and on financial news networks have been piping off about how Asia will "lead the world out of recession."

    If you believe that shit (wait until Chinese, massive stimulus ends), I've got an undriven Ferrari California in my garage.

    Besides, the U.S. is no longer a major exporter.

    Let the race to the bottom for workers and wages continue!

    (Indians in India will soon be doing much of the current analysis done on Wall Street concerning bonds, debentures, equities, derivatives, etc. by the way)

  4. the fed fuel to 'recover' the stock market leaves us with $80 bbl oil

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    Last week more than 80% of "ECONOMISTS" said the recession was "OVER" and that expansion was on the way.

    The only expansion this economy is going to see will be provided by the printing press and plenty of stimulus.

  6. The only people that worry about that lack of jobs are those that don't have one.


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    oops is right, at the rate they are going and as long as they keep rates at 0% and continue to pay no attention to the worthless dollar by 2011 oil will certainly be over $150.

    oops and the consumer is going to love it as they pay $5.00 for bread and $50 to fill up an average size sedan.

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    save it for history-

    let's see, if they are far we got this-
    yep...depression time..believe it or not..
  9. I have to say, I've never seen anyone who claims English as a first language interchange "our" with "are" as the OP did in the thread's title.

    That takes some serious lack of brain power.
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