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  1. anymore, do any of you actually TRADE the ES during pit trading hours? If so, why is there no running commentary on this ES market? Just curious folks.

    Why don't the experienced ES traders provide the service so many were interested in getting from TB? Obviously there was great interest in his b.s.- why not real calls from people who feel they can do a good job without being criticized? Wouldn't that be helpful and interesting? Liven up the board perhaps.
  2. I trade the commodities. I doing help out some friends by publishing a weekly chart. It's funny cause I think TraderBrad got the odea from me on the technology... Anyways. If you like I can post what I'm doing for soybean here.
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    Probably because "experienced ES traders" understand that anybody who follows such calls are just haematomyzus elephantis.
  4. Do you mean hematomas elephants?
  5. dbphoenix: I confess I don't know what the hell you are saying- probably good huh? I just thought since everybody was so interested in ES calls, there was a need for real calls- not b.s. from TB.

    I trade the big S&P and don't trade the morning open so not for me, BTW. But I watch the ES during the day though.

    Judging by some trading by "experienced" traders I saw recently, there is a need for some improvement.
  6. Mikecully: been 20 years since I traded soybeans. Closest I've come to them is Lean Hogs about 2 years ago- got tired of the "slippage". Once I met those hog traders at the Merc, I've hated them ever since. They just stand around and wait to stick it to you when you place an order.
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    I nominate you for this service. You seem to have the qualifications... 20 years successful trading experience and incredibly fast typing ability. Give it a shot!!!

    Best Regards,
    Dave Scott
  8. the ES here? What a shame. dbPhoenix, why don't you show them how it's done? You must have learned something from all those quotes you throw around. Most of the stuff you spew, doesn't seem all that much different from TB. At least TB had a "movie"- we could get popcorn. What do you eat with an inane quote?

    BTW, what's wrong with T-Rex? And why do you want me to go the way of the dodo bird and take T-Rex for good measure? Is he showing you up? More posts, what? Is he good? I'd like to know why I'm in his company if you don't mind.
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    Ah, I was wondering who you were.

  10. what a tool

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