Now that QQL will be gone, wich market data software gives the best bang for the $ ?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by CartelTrader, May 22, 2002.

  1. Feedback very much apreciated...

  2. realtick is really good. but $250.
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    Good question. I'm wondering the same myself.

    DTN is available, but I've tried their trial and didn't like it at all.

    DTN falls short in too many ways.
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    the software you pay the most for is going to be the best - since the best costs more - but it's still peanuts next to the profits you'll be making
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    Anyone have any experience or feedback with ILX?
  7. When did you do the trial? Supposedly they are on the verge of putting out an upgrade, it looks good. How did it fall short? Was it atleast stable and reliable?

    My next choice would be Lycos I think..

    Esignal's symbol limit is a joke.
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    Site Monthly Fee
    (including exchange fees) $25 $36.95/quarter $22.95 $40.50 plus $50 initiation fee $9.99 $22.95********** free now, but may add fees $35.20
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    E-signals going to be hard to beat at that price fellas,thats a pretty darn good offer...In the past with their symbol limits being 50 they were a pain in the butt but i see thats been lifted to 100 on their product page and its saying 150 on the esig/qql comparison page.
    For bang for buck on esignals normal price i 'd say look at nextrend(especially if you want a monthly plan and lev2) but at the price esignals offering if it were me i'd be buying a 10 year subscription while its being offered that low

    Scott your no doubt not far away is the symbol limit 100 or 150
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    Tnx for your post. the limit will be 150 so that it matches QQL Deluxe 150 symbols package! It's supposed to have Elliott Wave Charts, Fib. lines, etc.!

    I never used eSignal before and did not like th einterface much! But maybe for $35... it's th ebest deal, specially with 150 symbols!

    When calling eSignal to ask about this, QQL exchange service, make sure you ask for customer service [other depts. are not aware of it].

    Also, you could not sign up for the Deluxe $35 package yesterday [only Premium]. But that has been since fixed as eSignal tells me!

    Still have 30+ days to go on thsi reasearch... :confused:

    Peace... Dice
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