Now that NFL supports Colin Kaepernick's fight, what's next

Discussion in 'Sports' started by FortuneTeller, Sep 8, 2020.

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  2. Problem is the Draft spits out 3 - 5 QBs a year and there are several former starters being signed as backups so there is not glut of QBs to fill a back up role that would create demand for Kap to be signed, especially if he wants to get paid. Green Bay drafted a back up for Rodgers, Dallas signed Andy Daulton, Cam Newtown moved easily....

    In football Qbs have a ticking clock and an inactive one is just not as valuable as a younger or mor experienced one playing regularly.
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    He was a heck of a college player, should have insisted on a better contract with the University of Nevada :D
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    Huh? If a team thought he could help he would be signed. When Vick was re-instated he got picked up by a team in about 5 minutes and Vick pissed off a lot more people.
  5. He finally lands a job, and then fades out......will be a PR move more than anything else. Oh, and football is just rugby for women anyway.
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    Can you just imagine the MSM tripping over themselves to report it. Every pass, every play highlighted and replayed on the nighty news, gives me tingles *sarcasm*.