Now that "Liberty" has become an empty slogan, which motto should replace it?

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Now that Liberty is an obsolete concept, suggest a new motto for U.S. coinage:

  1. "Liberty" is still an appropriate motto. Our gov't is truly dedicated to preserving our liberties.

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  2. "Strength Through Unity. Unity Through Faith."

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  3. "Bend over and take it, sheep!"

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  4. "War is Peace."

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  5. "Submit or else."

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  6. "Liberty?"

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  7. "Thank you sir, May I have another?"

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  8. "It's for the children!"

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  1. With the passage of the new prohibition law on online gaming, the word "Liberty" on U.S. coinage has obviously become nothing more than an empty slogan.

    "Liberty"? That's just adding insult to injury!
    Clearly, it is now time for a new, more appropriate motto to be stamped on our fiat currency.
  2. This new law is just terrible. It was snuck in late in the day on Friday as an amendment to the Port bill. A cheap political trick.

    Since much of my biz as a pro gambler hinged on online play, I'm pretty much out of work now.

  3. How about this slogan:

    "USA. If we can't tax it, you can't have it."
  4. Not really in the spirit of the threat, but deserves honorable mention . . . PEACE IS PATRIOTIC

    And then, another from the smarter-than-you-and everyone-else left . . . THINK, ITS PATRIOTIC
  5. Please tell me at least <b>someone</b> has been paying attention, and knows where I got the slogan: "Strength Through Unity. Unity Through Faith."

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  7. Pekelo


    V as in vendetta :)

    What do I get?
  8. Nice, Doc! That about sums it up...

  9. Quick,,,,,,tell me what the difference is between this law and the PDT rule passed a few years back???:eek:
  10. What is so bad is that ISPs may be forced to block access to gaming sites. For example, if you type in you will get an error message as if the site doesn't exist. This is similar to the content blocking that occurs in China. There is a difference between restricting (PDT) and completely prohibiting(this bill). You can go to to read more about how this bill will affect players.

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