Now that CyberTrader is dead! Where have you gone?

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  1. dinoman


    Now that CyberTrader is no more where have you gone?

    In order to help others in finding a "Direct Access Broker" I ask of where you have gone and to share your experience.

    What broker have you gone too?

    What have you found that you like better?

    What do you miss? (besides the obvious)

    What are the features you miss?

    What are the new features you like?

    Any other additional details would be greatly appreciated to help others that have endured this horrible change.

    Thank you all!

    I will give my insights when I finish compiling my thoughts and experiences.

    Please give us all the info you can!
  2. dinoman


    Wow! Please don't tell me everyone stuck with the hack job of SSPRO!
  3. i can't find anything in canada that is as good as cybertrade.
    not even interactivebrokers.
    i am very disappointed that they would do this to canadians.
  4. buybig


    im have a portion of my acct at TOS.. nice platform though there are a few things on the wishlist.
  5. Odgnut


    I moved 75% on my account to IB...left 25% at Schwab. IB has worked fine so far. I still much prefer the old Cybertrader interface...but Booktrader on IB is pretty good and I have gotten used to it in the past month so that I can still trade the same way I used to at cybertrader.

    What I fear most about IB is having a stuck order or if the system goes down...I know getting in touch with them by phone during trading hours is almost impossible. That is the main reason I am keeping a little at I can hedge any positions whenever I have a problem at IB.

    IB seems to be pretty stable so far (at least for me) and executions are very fast. But the interface is overly complicated...and there are so many different features and settings that you really have to spend a bit of time figuring things out before you start trading.
  6. dinoman


    What is TOS?
  7. buybig


    think or swim..

    geared towards options but can trade futures and stock too
  8. dinoman


    How's everyone shorting ability going over at Schwab? I had heard a lot of complaints that it is becoming almost non-existent on alot of stocks.
  9. I couldn't short FSLR, as I recall, last week, but otherwise no real problems, but then I'm usually doing pretty liquid names, like AAPL, OIH, etc. It's frustrating not to be able to see if it is available for shorting.
  10. +1

    Re: Streemsmart Pro being a "hackjob":
    I advise to stay away from using the hot keys, particularly the "Close Position". Instead of closing the position, it instead opened up more -- doubling the size of my already open position. That was not fun. Tech support, although usually prompt, is unable to do anything because the programmers are CyberTrader's, in a different city. They did however, kindly close my entire position for me (finally) for a nice fat loss. Then they told me to not use the hot keys, "we are working out the bugs".
    This is only one of many platform issues with Streetsmart Pro.
    To briefly name a few others:
    - frequent log offs, then unable to log back on for next 5 to 15 minutes
    - "export order status page" does not work --> no way to archive or save the day's trades!
    - if more than one pane of indicators on a chart, won't let you resize the panes down. That is, if you make them larger, you will never be able to make them smaller again. You'll be stuck with a volume pane that is taking up half the screen.
    - already mentioned one of several hot key problems

    Schwab is a good choice for the investor and monthly/weekly swing trader. I like their research information, Streetsmart Pro has a good stock screener, some neat features. But......
    If trading more frequent than that, the $9.99 / trade commissions plus the heavily bug-ridden platform becomes a big problem.

    I have been looking for a better active/day trading broker, but still have not found one with competitive pricing and a solid platform with built in charting. Manually trade equities. Suggestions welcome.

    MB Trading --> Navigator has no charts.
    IB --> Still testing TWS...charting is "meh" at best
    Genesis --> Haven't tested Laser yet, took a while for sales team to send a trial, now trial wont let me log on
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