Now that bank executives won't receive bonuses, the markets will stall? Here's why

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Troubled financial institutions (and some non-troubled but wise, like GS) received billions of dollars from the Fed.

    Instead of lending to the public (like they should) they speculated with stocks, bonds, oil, foreign currencies and commodities.

    They profited from this speculation, and their executives received hefty bonuses.

    Now that bonuses are over, there's no incentive for they to continue to speculate?

    This may at least plateau the markets?
    (or bring them down)?
  2. i can't see that happening they are greedy and will continue to get the bonuses next year. any way what ever they do they will hash it up.
  3. How they will get the bonuses?
    Political lobbying?
    Replacing the pay czar?
  4. you can add robbing grannies to the list. they'll find a way. they don't care how they will find a way.

    i saw in a news paper something about them fleecing pensioners.