Now on Americas Got Talent, the Amazing Ben

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  1. Let me show you this amazing trick. Mr. Chin, let me borrow for the purpose of this trick, 3 Trillion pieces of paper. Do not worry, my friend, I will pay you back shortly.

    (the able assistant Mr. Chin gives the amazing Ben the 3 trillion pieces of paper)

    Ok, now for the trick. The Amazing Ben will rip up these 3 trillion pieces of paper and now we have 9 trillion pieces of paper.

    Mr. Chin here is your 3 trillion pieces of paper back.

    And now the amazing Ben has 6 trllion pieces of paper too. What a trick.

    Mr. Chin, why do you not like this trick. You got your paper back.

    And now the American public is 6 trillion richer, so now we all have money to buy things with. Ah, bread is too expensive now, cant afford to heat your home in the winter, do not worry, we have 6 trillion pieces of paper, oh, maybe not you, but us rich folk do, hahaha.

    its a good thing my father taught me how to fight when I was a kid, cause there are going to be riots on the street if this keeps up, and it will be pure class warfare. This is how societys end. Good job, boys, you couldnt take the pain of eating some losses, so you will destroy society instead. Ah, thats the teaser for next weeks trick by the Amazing Ben on Americas Got no talent.
  2. I will tell you another trick. BIll has local production. Chin puts some slaves to produce the same and then takes advantage of Bill's stupid ideology for free global trade to dump these products in Bill's country while keeping his currency pegged to Bill's. This creates an unfair trade game where Chin accumulates huge trade surpluses to the detriment of Bill's country jobs. Bill asks Chin to let his currency float but Chin argues that this will create unrest in his developing country. This goes one for 10 years and the trade deficit of Bill's country increases from 25Billion a year to something like 250 Billion a year. Chin gets too greedy and starts investing the money in bonds Bill's country issues for addtional yield on top of trade profits. People in Bill's country continue to lose jobs to this unfair game. A good portion of their cash is given back to them in the form of loans courtesy Chin. At some point this cannot continue. Bill's country must print some money to replenish what was lost in an unfair game of trade. Citizens in Bill's country cannot continue getting their money back in the form of loans. Chin must learn to play a fair game or eventually lose.

    What about that?
  3. Thats a good trick too but it doesn't have the hook of tearing up 3 trillion pieces of paper on stage, don't think you can build a vegas act around it, not right for our show. Sorry.
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    Part of the trick is telling people that "inflation is too low" while using bogus government inflation figures as your rationale for printing money.
  5. True dat bra, true dat. Tell the average single mom out there that there is no inflation when she is at the grocery store and paying up, paying 3 bucks a gallon for gas, insurance and heating bills through the roof, but tell her she shouldn't worry about that since the price of computer chips are down, and owners equivalent rent is down, so that evens it out for her. I guess its chips for dinner.