Now Kramer Has Really LOST His Mojo...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stonedinvestor, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. It's my bi annual check in on the mouth that destroyed investing and BOY it's really getting dark in Kramerland.

    First the SEASONALITY trade of NO TECH. poor Jimbo you can see the sweat stains starting to gather in his armpits-- he's really blown this one-- everyone can see a huge tech rally is going to occur EXACTLY at the time most folks would walk away from tech. In past years, when not a word was mentioned about seasonality, and the market was roaring ahead into May... well- that's a different story... but THIS YEAR coming OUT of consolidation and INTO a period of PE expansion on cruddy earnings I can tell by the wild look in his eye Jimbo is stuck. What does he tell his minions.
    Well the other night he finally broke he said " Boy I looked at my chart and I saw RIMM was at a 52 week high, I guess all tech is not dead buy RIMM. Then he used Doubleclick as an excuse to get his audience involved with 2 other spec internet ad plays Valueclick aND Aquantive! Well by calling them internet ad plays-- they're not really tech are they?

    Of course you know he told all his audience to JUMP OUT OF DNDN the day before it tripled! and then muttered something about getting their products confused with a drug from a movie.. this was supposed to be a joke but coming on the heels of his off the cuff admission of rigging bids-- it didn't ring well with his peeps.

    In fact I'm getting my first e mails from Kramer supporters questioning his sanity. Maybe i was right all along? Ahhhh. Yea!

    So there you have the Kramerwold update. Safely ensconced in Hal and some Gold plays,. his fans can sit back and watch the rest of us get rich. Idiots.
  2. HAL may yet be his best call (one of his few good ones) this year.
  3. RIMM does a very good job of going up. Been long in rimm for while. Tradertime said he bought puts in Rimm a month ago..I guess that didnt go well. RiMM is research in motion. They make expensive gadgets and so much revenue and profit.
  4. ByLo how can " Hal " be a best call?

    My God Here's my portfolio recommendations Exxon Hal j&J GE Coke ... Common' PLEASE!

    I forgot to add his great commentary on MISSING the last tech rally it was a " Gadget Rally " Not a tech rally Kramer just thought " tech " and went top the old warhorses Cisco and Microsoft Hey if you want that type of " Big " thinking JUST DO IT YOURSELF! My God there's no research in those names. HAL as a recommendation is a joke. Oh and Berkshire Hathaway get a few shares there as well! LOL.