Now job seekers has to pay appication and background check fees

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  1. It looks like even the so called legit jobs are requiring the job applicant to pay for credit and background check nowadays. This company charges $45. Some charge $100 or more.

    I wonder how many jobs an unemployed job-seeker can apply with all these fees. Even a job that starts at $8 is asking a $45 fee to apply. I very much suspect that many companies collect more fees from applicants than they have job openings for,
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    I wonder what the backlash would be in the following situation: I'm an employer and I want to hire some Black talent but I don't want the threat of a Jessie Jackson type coming with a lawsuit for racial discrimination later on down the road. I promise to try to be fair and I offer the Black job candidate a job but he/she has to sign a waiver that they cannot sue me on racial grounds...
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    Waviers related to human rights wont hold in court so careful with this one!!
  4. is this taxable income,,or untaxable,,cost of doin bidness?
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    Probably an itemized deduction as a job seeking expense.
    What irks me are the employer job sites where you have to fill out an entire application in excruciating detail and then a lot of them are buggy and poorly designed although I notice they're getting better lately. Not much consideration for our time.
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    Employers are probably so flooded with applications that they do this stuff just to thin the herd a little bit. When you're filling out a lengthy application, think about how it's keeping away some applicants who really shouldn't be bothering because they aren't qualified. Makes your application more likely to be seen.
  7. I don't get it. Why would there be a lawsuit from jackson for discrimination if your hiring a minority? You mean if they are fired?
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    your'e in denial about something... come on, breathe deep, try to understand what it is...
  9. Paying to apply? Scammers have done this for ages.

    Sure it would thin the herd, but who does it allow to pass? The naive, the desperate, the bad with money. None of those I want working for me.

    I guess you could use it as a contrarian indicator; anyone who pays you is automatically discarded (refund their money if you feel guilty) and those that say thanks but no thanks are moved up in the queue.
  10. Read the article people. They aren't paying to apply...they're paying for their background check after they've already been offered a job.
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