now its about investing in whiskey?

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  1. LOL now TV pundits pushing whiskey as an investment. Sorry but that is a poor investment for me, since a good bottle of whiskey will not stay sealed and end up losing value quickly every time I decide to taste a dram :)

    Whoops, they mentioned a specific bottle that went up in value, I just realized I drank it last year!! it went from 300 to 1700 bucks!

    wow If I knew that I would never have opened it up.
  2. I'd imagine the bid-ask spreads would be pretty wide on rare bottles of booze or wine, although I have no personal experience trying to invest in these instruments. Ebay doesn't accept alcohol-auctions, but I assume there's some other site where one could buy & sell rare vintages. Plus, there's another issue: If you buy a rare old bottle of booze or wine as an investment, how do you know if it's been stored properly ever since the date of production? Probably hard to tell without opening & tasting it, am I wrong?

    Has anyone here ever made any money investing in rare alcoholic beverages?
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    If empty whiskey bottles are increasing in value then I'll "invest" :D I'll also invest in aspirin, because I will need it.
  4. I stick to the cheap shit.. Jim Beam, Wild Turkey.

    Good enough for me. :)
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    I actually do have a commemorative bottle of Jack Daniel's Ive never opened, but I had it autographed by the master distiller when I went on a tour of the distillery in Lynchburg. Doubt its worth any money, not really interested in selling it anyways.
  6. Jim Beam tastes like paint thinner... yeccch!

    Sheep Dip, Chivas, Crown Royal, or Johnny Red for me if I'm drinking whiskey. (Fancy single malts are overrated- the preferred beverage of show-offs & snobs like Charles Widmore).
  7. Melrose, Scotland - Dec., 1992.
    I'm in this little shop around closing time, it's 2 or 3 days before Xmas, snowing outside... and this shopkeeper asks if me and the other 3 guys in the shop (last minute Xmas shopping) would like a wee dram from this OLD looking earthenware jug wrapped in tweed...we all said "AYE!" The "cork", if you could call it that...was sealed in some dark looking wax...cork crumbled and he had to strain the booze with some fabric...
    He told us it was a 100 yr old single malt he'd won in an auction in 1980..
    Tasted pretty good...felt like golden fire going down my throat...
    Dunno if it was really 100 yr old single malt, but we drank the whole jug!:)
    One of those memories ya never forget...
  8. Avid lover of Whiskey, particularly malt. The wife usually gets on my case when the Whiskey spending gets out of hand, nice solution Ive found is to invest in dividend paying companies, then "claim" the divs are paying for the vice. :)

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