Now is your chance to make $$$$$$$$

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  1. The fix is in, it's apparent Bernake is going to lay the ground work for the Republicans in 2008.

    Keep it simple and stress free, buy DIA and kick back for the next 16 months, you will be rewarded in a big way.

    It's not to late, DIA now @ 139.90, hop on board, take a position, trade around it if you like, but it's not necessary,kick back and let Ben make you $$$$$$$$

    Just watch a year from now you will say, myminitrading was right. We will see dips, but their will be no big correction.

    I don't agree with the government, they are liars,and fudge everything to fit in their agenda, Bernakes appointment was part of the agenda, just play along and make some $$$$$$$$$$
  2. I thought you had given up and went back to the trailer park?
  3. Don't just stand their, hop on. Turn off the news, don't let the propaganda machine keep you sidelined.

    If you listen to the financial news you will never make the right decision, just buy and hold DIA,SPY,QQQQ.

    I prefer DIA, simply because it's the poster child.

    THE FIX IN IN, NOW GET IN!!!!!!!MAKE FREE $$$$$$$$
  4. Still calling for that crash,hahaha.
  5. Just because your are so convinced that the market will go up, today will be the biggest down day of the year.
  6. Dow cannot close above 14000 again and that should discourage the bulls today.
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    I think today we close above 14k, earnings were good for HON and IBM, HPQ is also soaring higher. Think the markets will trade higher all day, tonight MSFT and GOOG will report, both big market movers. I think were good for a 1% move in either direction tomorrow depending on GOOG earnings. As for the markets, seems nothing can stop them, the BSC news has come and gone and sub prime woes continue to be ignored. Dow 15867 by end of 2007. Just buy and forget.
  8. Really, I can't wait.
  9. "The fix is in, it's apparent Bernake is going to lay the ground work for the Republicans in 2008."

    Interesting point. I was also wondering if anyone had thougths or maybe set up a poll on which candidate would be the best for the market.
  10. Keep in mind last Nov, Dow hitting new highs, gasoline, oil, all crashed leading up to the elections, still the Republicans lost.

    I think most people are smarter than the manipulators think.
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