Now is the time to increase our support of Israel

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    Israel is our only friend in the Mideast

    The only Democracy!
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    Best friend;
    & battle tested military friend:cool: Live long & prosper.
  3. Why don't you write them a big fat check, then?

    I'm Jewish and would never post such a stupid thread. Every time someone does, it makes Israel look bad - like a freeloader.

    The Reform Jews have it correct - quit making such a spectacle about America's support of Israel. It only gives fodder to the anti-Semites to stoke the flames of more anti-Semitism.

  4. Dont sweat it BYlo. JUst remember how much tax dollars us reform jews generate to the us economy. THink dell, bloomberg, kravis, spielberg et al...
  5. And you start threads calling Palin a dumb bitch and make liberals look like sophmoric idiots. Thanks in fact. I guess there is a lesson in all this, I just don't know what it is yet...
  6. No, I know. But still, all this 'Israel :heart: United States' stuff is wearing thin in the eyes of the American Public.

    This is a time when the last thing the average American wants to hear about are problems outside of the U.S. There's an isolationist attitude building. Even AIPAC has sent out letters discussing toning back the rhetoric.
  7. What has Israel done for the U.S. lately? What have they ever done to earn such support? In return for U.S. money and protection they spy on us and sell American weapons to China. That isn't the way these things are supposed to work.

    Israel is a diplomatic and strategic liability, not to mention a bottomless pit for cash, all out of proportion to its actual size or importance in the world. Sooner the American people realize this the better.
  8. You don't think the fact that their sworn enemies are also our sworn enemies is reason enough to support them?
  9. How did their sworn enemies become our sworn enemies? Can you explain that again?
  10. - First of all we do give them money but we don't protect them, no american has ever been killed defending Israel.

    - Israel had to give up the entire Sinai that they had won in a war in exchange for a piece of paper from Egypt and American aid. The US aid to both Israel and Egypt was part of the peace treaty, you should ask Jimmy Carter whether it did or did not make sense but it's a tad disingenuous to offer aid in exchange for huge Israeli concessions and later accuse them of accepting the aid the way you do. We're just keeping our end of the bargain.

    - Due to American pressure Israel had to give up extremely lucrative weapons trade with China. Due to American pressure Israel had to give up the development of their own advanced fighter plane which could easily compete with American planes. Due to American pressure Israel did not retaliate to the Iraqi scud attacks during the first Gulf war.... And rest assured that while Israel spies on the US the US spies on Israel and all other allies as well.

    - Last but not the least, the aid allows the US to keep Israel on a leash. Given that Israel is the only regional superpower in an extremely strategic and explosive region, given that strategic decision related to Israel's survival are made (or at least cleared) in Washington, not Tel Aviv I think $2.6 billion dollars the US gives to Israel (earmarked for American weapons btw) is money well spent. While I disagree with the OP I do think Israel is getting the short end of the bargain.
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