Now is the time 2 buy

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  1. The dow has lost 1.6% in just 1.5 days

    over what? Nothing.

    The fed made some comments yesterday and today the European Central Bank raised rates by a whole .25% which was expected

    Great buying opp
  2. Hope your right. Dow has shown no signs of letting up thus far though.
  3. dealer


    They said the same about the the first gut wrenching drop in Q1 2000......

    Buyer beware....
  4. OK....Since you started yet another vague "just buy" thread.....

    SPECIFICALLY, what are YOU buying and at what price?
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    The only positive I see in equities right now is that the US indices are a ways above last weeks lows. Dow getting close but still above for now.

    If we break the lows then it will get ugly.....When was the last time US index futures broke the prior week low? 'been a while...
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    guess ( ges)....look at that chart...i think you can squeeze some more juice out of this puppy...peace
  7. Your safest, easiest bet would be DDM
  8. How many shares do you own at what price? Thanks. :p
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    dont start ur shit homey..
  10. I don't give specifics as quantity, but I entered DDM at mid 95 three weeks ago so I haven't made money with it.
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