'Now is not the time for cold feet,' Palin says of Afghanistan

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  1. Its nice to find a politican with some balls....

    WASHINGTON (CNN) - Former Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has once again taken to Facebook to make her voice heard in the national debate — this time over military strategy in Afghanistan.

    Palin published a note on her Facebook page Tuesday that encourages President Barack Obama to grant a request for the tens of thousands of additional troops reportedly requested by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in the country.

    "Now is not the time for cold feet, second thoughts, or indecision," Palin wrote on the site. "It is the time to act as commander-in-chief and approve the troops so clearly needed in Afghanistan."

    Noting the possible consequences of not helping to build up Afghanistan's institutions, the former Alaska governor also wholeheartedly endorsed McChrystal's counterinsurgency approach to continued U.S. military presence in the country.
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    You're kidding, right? That pussy couldn't last one term as governor. Anybody can talk shit from the sidelines. In fact that seems to be what the Republicans do best.

  3. This is an obvious breach of the chain of command.
  4. I agree Obama must take the lead and make tough decisions. Since we have no will for a true military victory those decisions should be pull all conventional ground troops out now, leave some special ops, CIA and high tech weaponry to kill the bad guys when the opportunities present themselves.
  5. I like Palin but she's falling victim to the traditional republican deference to anyone in a uniform or sporting a badge. I would be all for it if someone could explain to me what victory consists of in afhganistan and how we get there from here. Instead we get this guy McChrystal who seems to think he is Douglas MacArthur proposing that the US adopt Afghanistan as the 51st state. We already have several failed states here General, like California. Can't we get them sorted out before we take on the task of turning a hell hole like afghanistan into switzerland?

    Another 40,00 troops will be a drop in the bucket. Another 200,000 will not be enough when the enemy has a sanctuary in pakistan, unlimited numbers of recruits, unlimited funding thanks to our friends in Saudi Arabia, and we are propping up a corrupt and hated central government that is viewed by many locals as worse than the taliban. We took over a primitive tribal society and somehow convinced ourselves we could turn it into something that has never existed, viz., a modern, tolerant islamic democracy.

    Our job was done when we deposed the taliban and chased them out withf al qaeda. We should have left at that point and let the warlords and tribal leaders sort things out.
  6. I guess I really dont get why we're there in the first place

    I remember Reagan beating hsi chest on how the mujahadeen 'freedom fighters' took down the soviet union with stinger missiles

    the USA beat it's chest over how the soviet union's hubris brought it down

    now we're in afganistan and coincidently the USA's long term future never lookded worse

    I'm not saying at this point we can just bug out from here, but i think ron paul's right, we've got to quit carrying the world's water for them or we're going down hard

    why would china finance our military overspending and overreaching?

    one of us is stupid, and i wouldnt quickly assume it is them

    sometimes i think we're the puppet of saudi arabia as much as we are of israel. i dont think the saudies like the israelies, but sometimes i do think the saudies let israel be a matador's cape for them

    almost all the the 911 hijackers were from saudi arabia, but nobody ever says boo about it - you never really hear about sauid arabia AT ALL, even though they're almost a 'black hole' level of economic force and relations in the USA. Bin Ladin was from a rich saudi family, Bush's family is practically owned by saudies

    think how much sauid arabia has to gain with everyone else the the mideast taken out

    i really dont think the people in afganistan would even know or care who we are, if we werent cayying water for other people in the mideast - they liked us in the 1980s
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  8. All Obama has done is talk. Palin has ran a State. Palin is much sharper then Obama. Anyone can see that.
  9. All Obama has done is talk. Palin has ran a

    State. Palin is much sharper then Obama.

    Anyone can see that.
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  10. I'm baffled over this right-wing slobber fest over Gen Stanley McChrystal.

    After he was recommended for disciplinary actions by a Pentagon investigation he should have been thrown in jail over his role in the Pat Tillman cover-up.

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