Now I understand the Rate cut anger at ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. A shit load of people here have put options that will expire this friday. And the rest wrote uncovered calls, Oooops.
  2. No..I think it's just anger that the Fed didn't do what they should have done...
    They are bailing out out the banks and the idiot investors of the country..
    punishing savings and investment...
    punishing the patient...
  3. I thought the majority of the posters here close positions at the end of the day and could care less what happens with what the fed does. I thought this was a board filled with active traders not guys putting money in mattresses. Obvious everyone should be celebrating the bags of money offered though.
  4. OOOPS?! No ooops is Bernake cutting the rate by 50 bps. That's an OOOPS.
    Pull your head out of your ass son and take a look at the dollar chart.
  5. ooops is you should have been trading against the dollar. Like I said none of this seems like a problem to the active trader.
  6. King,

    Good eye!..LOL!

    On top of that, why does a good trader care one way or the other if the Fed makes a smart or dumb move? Personally, I think there will be a price to pay for what the Fed is doing. But, so what? I'm a trader. I'm about the here and the now. What may or may not happen a month, or a year from now is useless to me. How will that make me money today? When and if the sky falls then I'll just trade it. period.
  7. <i>"But, so what? I'm a trader. I'm about the here and the now. What may or may not happen a month, or a year from now is useless to me."</i>

    Selfishly speaking, that is true. Some people have viewpoints outside of trading, believe it or not. Cruise many other sections of this forum and you'll see that for yourself.

    Maybe some of the people here are Americans. Perhaps young enough to care about the future. Fears of exacerbating the current woes of ramping a stock market built upon debt and more debt is a concern.

    For the selfish, narrow-minded viewpoint of just trade and screw everything else, true enough. For those who care about more people than just themselves and the bigger picture for our country, perhaps the concern is genuinely apart from trading.

    I'm a pure daytrader at this moment, and I buy or sell with impunity as chart action dictates. I live in the U.S., and I'm extremely concerned about it's future and those around me.

  8. thanks, well put. i was trying to type out the same thing but not nearly as well
  9. Well said austin... I agree.

    The other side of the coin and on the internet in general, is thats its so easy to sit back in the anonymity of the vast internet and take a pot shot at people a day after the Fed makes a move. Sure its easy to say everyone else must have lost money and they made money and it was easy to do so. They're the same people who the Monday after the superbowl are running around telling everyone they called the winner.
  10. Austin,

    How will me getting all emotionally charged over something that may or may not happen make me a better citizen, let alone better able to provide for my family? For all you know, this will all work out with far less pain than any of us think. You don't have a crystal ball and neither do I. But, I have the experience of living through stagflation, trading a stock market crash, and basically hearing about the impending doom and gloom thats been predicted for the last 25 years of my adult life. And you know what? Things are just fine, the sky never has fallen and everyone who's worried about those things has wasted their time and energy. Grow up.
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