Now I know why I was horrified a month ago

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by stock777, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Saw it coming.

    Game over.

    Even the imbeciles caught on

    Next step , the gallows for the offenders.

    There are many.

    When people figure out their life savings have been stolen, they will not be happy.

    Some will take it out on their hides.
  2. I was horrified a year or two ago. Just the notion of how much invisible leverage existed really sobered me. My recommendation for most people that are clueless nowadays is to become way less materialistic!!
  3. you saw it coming?`ve been the biggest,most outspoken perma bull on this sight along with stock turder..........until now.

    nice you saw absolutely nothing coming!
  4. Dude you're either a retard or have me confused with someone else.

    or both

    The only bull I know about is the bull they want you to believe.