Now I know why i keep trying this.....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by guido, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. guido


    Everyday when the market close I plot the chart where i put my trade and my money and...what!!!! How could I be so stupid so blind....
    there, don' ts you see ass...!!! you had to buy here not there at the top!!! No not there!!! don't you see the support line, and the volume??? The resistance, MA cross over and bla bla bla! Epee.
    IT so easy when the chart is done. For this reason you ( me ) still keep try over and over again!!! :) :( :confused: :mad: :mad:
  2. A lot of people get the idea that trading is easy from looking at historical charts. Everything is easy to see in hindsight. All the indicators do a marvelous job. All the setups are obvious. They ignore all the failed setups which are there in equal numbers.
  3. TGregg


    If we can just find a broker who will let us trade in the middle of the chart - we'll all be rich! :D
  4. That's why it's important to have rules. I find myself trying to
    "anticipate" so many times, and usually, I wind up paying for it with a loss or a missed profit. :cool:
  5. Some would say that those that trade Mutual Funds get to trade the middle of the chart. Unfortunately, most funds have caught on to this and discourage people who try to trade funds too actively.
  6. guido


    I think indicator are a kind of trap, because most of us an at begin
    try them, but the point is when you use them in realtime they doesn't works!I know, some day they're just fine when the trends are strong but most of the time there isn't any trend so you keep losing.
    And i know that timeframe has a big impact on this, and when the price drop 1 point in 30 second... what do you do??Wait that the stochastic cross over and say ...ok go out here buddy of you lose your money!! My experience is that for daytrading there are no indicator ,I discovery this a long time ago!
    Professional knows this and.... they need this. They need suckers
    that belive in this so when the novice try to buy they have already did ,maybe 15 minute before and they are ready to sell to you poor little guy !!!:) that 's why i bought always and the top and sell and the bottom
    :) :)
    So the point is.....
    hours and hours watching the market get the feelings, right time,
    keeps track of your trade lose some money and maybe you get there:D :D
  7. Trade review should not be restricted to an assessment of historic charts... you should also try and assess how well you managed your risks and profits during the day...