Now I could go home!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WAEL012000, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. See you in hell Zionists...We will never, ever give you a day in peace and will resist your crimes no matter the many WMD destruction this fucking whorish American administration supplies you with.

    Long live the meek!

  2. Didn't you mean to say: Long live the leek?

    Why do you bring shame to your family when you have a long and proud history of growing lettuce and leeks?

    Sometimes I just don't understand you Wael.

  3. Hey Wael,

    When you decide to join your heroic martyrs will you do something to let us know it was you? Maybe wear an ET t-shirt under your bomb belt?
  4. I guess the Canadian authorities missed one of the wanna-be martyrs in their midst a few weeks ago...
  5. TGregg


  6. Wael, fights the jihad from the safety of Canada behind his computer.

    I have noticed he is very liberal with the word "we".

    As in "we will never give up".

    It seems to me that by running to Canada is a pretty good indication of giving up or at the very least of not really participating in the struggle.

    He's funny.