Now, give me a great ass

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nitro, Feb 20, 2010.

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    I admit, I am an ass man.

    Ford has re-introduced the 5-OH as the engine of choice on new 8 cylinder mustangs. Nice! It better breathe without any hesitation is all I have to say.

    Now, two things remain:

    1) IRS to match the Corvette
    2) A great ass.

    What do I mean? Well, the Mustang design looks great from the front, not too bad from the side (it would look 100x better if the car had an IRS and was lowered an inch) but the ass looks like a friggin piece of shit.

    Want to see a great ass? Here this mustang has a great ass:
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    nice, but id rather do this......(cos im in europe)


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  3. Corvette is twice the price of a Mustang. IRS is overrated, mainly by car mag writers, at least for street driving. IRS is useful for high speed cornering on uneven roads.

    Anyway, I'm not a mustang guy. If you want a real car, get a camaro.
  4. That's Playstation2 "NEED FOR SPEED" ain't it :D
  5. nitro


    It is extremely uncomfortable to drive a car without an IRS on uneven terrain/street. If you live in Chicago, you would understand. Now, on these perfect European roads...
  6. the real man would rather have great head than tail :D
  7. IRS helps to maintain traction under acceleration, absolutely.
    I had a 69 Chevelle SS 396 4 spd etc.
    With the original skinny rear treads, the tires would break loose under hard accel. To compensate, I went to a wider, stickier tire.
    Great, right? No. The added grip would create serious axle hop, which could be overcome only by backing off the gas, or flooring the silly thing. This would not happen with IRS, more than likely.
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    I think you have hit the nail on the head. Have you ever seen the Corvette tires?
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