Now facebook worth 30% or $15B more than just weeks before!! HA! Anyone believe this!

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    Just a little over a month ago facebook had a value of $50 billion, todays new investment in facebook values the company at hahaha $65 Billion dollars hahahahahahaha, this is getting so extreme at this point that it doesnt make a difference, the value of this company in the last 6-8 weeks has jumped an astounding $15 billion. Who believes this garbage. Seems every new investor pumps up the value of the company by billions, how long can this go on for, I mean its a damn website with some ads on it. They dont even manufacture a product, something is very wrong with this picture, but it doesnt matter because when a bubble is growing anything goes until one day it all stops and the next collapse comes.

    Latest Facebook Investment Values Company at $65 Billion | March 03, 2011 | 03:53 PM EST

    General Atlantic, a $17 billion investment firm, will soon become the latest investor in Facebook, buying one tenth of one percent of the company in a deal that values the social networking giant at $65 billion, according to people with knowledge of the transaction.

    While the deal between General Atlantic and selling shareholders has been agreed to, it'll require the approval of Facebook and so has not yet been closed.

    The last large investment in Facebook, organized on behalf of its clients by Goldman Sachs [ GS 164.49 +2.80 (+1.73%) ], was $1.5 billion, which valued Facebook at $50 billion, meaning that in the intervening six weeks, the company's value has apparently grown by another 30 percent.

    The General Atlantic investment involved the purchase of a block of roughly 2.5 million shares of stock from former employees.

    General Atlantic, which typically makes investments of between $50 million and $500 million in both private and public growth companies, has invested in other net darlings such as Gilt Groupe and Ali Baba.

    The focus of investors on Facebook has been intense; and for those who want to find stock to buy, the process is equally ferocious, requiring calls to numerous ex-employees and large holders of the stock from its early days.

    A General Atlantic spokesperson did not respond to calls or emails. Facebook declined to comment.
  2. <b>BOOKFACE</b>

    Also kind of ironic with the name "book" given that how many actual books does the average American read each year? I suppose surfing <b>FACEBOOK</b> makes them feel that much more literate.
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    besides being a site with ads,
    it also holds personal info on millions and millions
    that companies would gladly pay for.

    still doesn't justify its madly inflated value.
    but just a thought.
  4. it's difficult to put a price tag on a company such as facebook. my opinion : no more than 80 billion and no less than 15 billion

    if there is an IPO, the cap will likely hit 100 billion