Now, even if you don't know how to shoot, you can hit a target 1,000+ yards away.

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    So the gun costs $27,500 and apparently, even if you've never shot a gun before, you can accurately hit a target up to 1,200 yards away.

    I definitely want this in my arsenal for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

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  3. Holy crap, now that's my kind of video game.

    Can anyone say domestic drone hunter:D :D :D
  4. I knew you'd be ecstatic.
  5. You'd think the government would get this gun off of the market fearing long-distance political assassinations.

    Few wackos (patriots?) would have the knowledge and skill to make such shots with any kind of normal weapon, but with this gun's computer anyone can be an expert marksman.
  6. Hell I think these things need at least the same govt subsidy telsa volt etc are getting. 40%

    next question is where do we get the teflon coated rounds(because sometimes just blowing a hole through somebody wearing a vest just isn't good enough :cool:), armor piercing rounds and explosive rounds that will be needed.
    High Explosive Incendiary/Armor Piercing Ammunition (HEIAP):cool:
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    I used to hunt, don't much now due to time, but I have to say this a akin to fishing with dynamite. Part of hunting is stalking to get close enough for a kill shot.

    Next up someone will come out with a hunting drone that blows up the gazelle. :D
  8. There's a similar version of this shooting system which has been available for at least a few years to the military. In a recent episode of Mythbusters, they had an Army sniper making center head-shots on silhouette target at 1200 yards.
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    This is tech the general public definitely needs to have.
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    I recall a few years back reading about a game reserve where you could (from home) fire a remotely controlled rifle at the animals penned there. Drones could be next, say, hunting African elephants from the comfort of your home. Maybe even use the internet to inform local ivory sellers that there's a new "source" on the ground at xy location.
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