now ebay could fall further...

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  1. because IMHO

    1) Gap is filled
    2) Most stopp- losses from shorties are hit @ about $ 90

    Anyone else short? Or even long?
  2. If you are shorting it is really based on valuation since the chart is not bad at all, although I could see it dropping to 80 just as a retracement.
  3. I shorted again yesterday at 89.29. Based both on valuation and its daily chart, which is showing a possible double top forming. Also, if YHOO's forward guidance tonight isn't great, all nets will take a hit in sympathy. I'm actually looking at this one as a long term short, i.e. 3-6 months or $50 level, whichever comes first.
  4. Where is your stop? Do you use something like a time stop, which isn't that a bad thing, IMHO?
  5. yahoo earnings tommorrow also.
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    What is a good intraday system to trade EBAY?

  7. Not again. Didn't you guys learn your lesson when you all got burned last time. This stock is a roach motel for shorts. Once you check in, you can come out feet first only. Go ahead make my day. Short me some more of the sexiest stock going right when we could be getting ready to have a big rally. This stock will see 100, quite possibly next week. I love this stock so much I may go and buy more right now. I may change my ET handle to something like LONGEBAY. Wow, while I was typing it has rallied half a point afterhours. BTW, here's a good intraday system for playing this stock. Every morning go long and hold till the close. Repeat every day. Someone calculate how that would have done the last year.
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    Been through the EBAY thing , shorting this is stupid especially if a long term short. Everyone loves and uses this company.
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    I can not count how many times I have seen my friends short Ebay and get burned....One now has hung on to his short through a $1.70 me it is foolish.....

    It is one of my favorite shopping and selling sites......Everyone loves Ebay......:D
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    To all you shorting Ebay,

    Yes it is overvalued and blah blah but do you honestly believe that the market is a perfect valuation model for all stocks and moves as such? If you do, you need to stop trading and become a college professor so that you can teach BS theory to kids.

    There are much better stocks to short, much much better. Even in regards to cult stocks, I would short Dell and even Microsoft before Ebay.
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