NOW... America Can Lead By Example Not Just By Might!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iceman1, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. I don't expect you facist right-wing nutcakes, who recite chapter and verse from the bible but hate their next door neighbor and all others who don't exactly meet their inane idelogies and dogmas, to get it...... but THIS ACT TONIGHT... is what Americas IS and HAS ALWAYS BEEN all about!

    This is it! THIS is patriotic | This is not liberal! This is not conservative ! This is what UNITED means!

    This is an example of why we are the greatest Country on earth!

    DO NOT EVER underestimate the power of CONFIDENCE and INSPIRATION in making this Country grow and prosper (after we muddle through the mess we were given by prior leaders)....

    POWER TO THE PEOPLE is a slogan I heard in my youth.. and TONIGHT it has again come alive!

    I am moved and humbled by this Country's greatness like I have not felt in many decades!

    I hope many others feel the same right now... !
  2. S&P drops 10 pts. since Obama called winner.

    This is not about bringing us all to the middle. This is all about a Liberal experiment. They feel their ideas will work.
    I pray, along with Obama to Allah that they are correct.
  3. Why the hell don't losers like you LEAVE this Country if all you can do is make snide remarks on a night like this... we don't need it !

    I feel sorry for you!

    YOUR time and your anger and narrow-minded views and values are passe'... !