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  1. Hey guys

    I recently made the decision to quit my job and to make the attempt and risk of day-trading, but I have no background in trading/investments/or with the stock market. Would it be wise for me to just find a firm to trade at and just jump in? Is daytrading something you can start from scratch and just learn along the way? Or should I watch CNBC and read the Wall St. Journal and gain knowledge from other trading/investment sources for a little while before I take the leap?
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    With this sort of attitude and knowledge you might as well just burn the money you intend to trade with. At least that way you'll stay warm.
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    I recently made the decision to quit school and become the first child Prime Minister of India. I have no background on India. Should I travel to India by air? Or should I walk there by the shortest overland route.

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    I remember when the instructor in one of the Option Trading Seminar showed his $1 million account to the class , a fellow student said:

    " that is easy.... he starts out with $3 million."

    How much money do you have? And, how fast you want to reduce you money to zero is entirely up to you.

    1688 means "a long prosperous path" in Chinese.

    You really should watching CNBC and read Wall Street Journal everyday any way. But, that has very little to do with getting 1688.
  7. Ok so I guess I shouldn't be expecting to trade without much knowledge, so what would be the best way to learn? It's not like I was intending on doing it on my own from scratch you morons, I was thinking about going to a firm that offered paper trading or a firm that didnt require you to put down any of your own capital in order to learn. Hopefully this forum has more than your typical numbnut scum than the few that responded.

    atozcom - thanks for the Chinese lesson, but I can care less what my number means in Chinese, but if you have any info on how to learn the trade that would be nice.

    2cents, you jump 1st, I'll be right behind you.
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    order, people, order :p
  9. OK! I just got to post something. Lurked here for quite some time and registered today.
    You're asking to get your head handed to you with a question like that. Can you learn along the way?....Sure you can, it's what we all do. Just expect it to be very expensive which is why quiting your job wasn't the smartest move, unless you're independently wealthy. In which case, fuck it, jump on in. In all seriousness, go slow, real slow.:D

  10. actually better chance u have is with a prop firm that offers one-to-one mentorship and papertradin' 'till u get it [if u get it]...there are some out there, not sure which ones; search 'em, ask around or better, call the firms up.
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