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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Seacrest, Jul 16, 2010.

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    I have been trading for about a year I can multi day swing trade and I do ok but struggle with short term trading intra day, in this current market I don't like leaving to much capital in the markets over night and would like to take a pay check on a daily bases are there any firms or people that do personal mentoring.
  2. Gee seacrest... weren't u the one slamming Online Trading Academy on another thread?

    You say you "took a class" there eh? Don't have a clue on how to intraday successfully eh?

    I would bet all the money in the world that the "class" you took was free... wasn't it?

    Bottom line-- get off your ego high horse and pony up some money for an education, rather than sounding like a know it all you hypocritical sap...
  3. By the way, welcome to ET.
  4. Can't you people use a logic? What do you want a mentor do for you? Show how to trade, or how to trade successfully, and if he is that good why would he waste his time on you. you'll definitely find the sea of mentors on this board.
  5. I can show you how to trade on the previous day chart:D
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    Learning how to trade is a constant read and study and watch Price. All these little trading camps are pretty much a waste of time. If you know how to day trade, why waste your time making a lousy five grand for having to spend tons of time with inexperienced people?

    If you want a mentor, you have to bring something to them that is valued more than money, like computer skills, ability to program. There are times when an experienced trader just wants to take someone under their wing. This is a very lonesome business.

    But someone teaching you how to trade is different from buying a method, methods fail cause they usually need to be altered weekly or monthly, and those who buy them usually don't have the ability to do so. Teaching someone a method can take as little a day, but teaching someone how to trade with Price Action can take months and months, there are 100s of nuances and many do not come up everyday.
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  7. Exactly... it is not worth 5000$ for me (or anyone else who trades profitably) to teach someone their hard earned techniques that they have spent thousands of hours figuring out... 50,000$ per person, and a mininum of 5 people in a class and I would think about it.